Right now -the best of places

Den här posten har bloggen HarsH ReaLity rebloggat. Det är en blogg med många följare och läsare världen över. Så Trosa har hamnat på en världsstor anslagstavla genom inlägget på FärgaregårdsAnna 😉

På Harsh Reality kan ni även läsa andra daily-posts från andra delar av världen.

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Right now -the best of places


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Right now I live in the best of towns. The snow has left our area! Spring is on its way. Birds singing outside our windows and despite the rain and the wind that some days overdo it, we have a lot more sunlight than a couple of months ago.

This is a daily report from my town Trosa in Sweden. A small town with really (to much?) great ambitions. Just look at my painting i call ”Skip Rio – Trosa is the place;)”.

Actually I transformed our watertower to Jesus Christ-statue in Rio. Our tower is not the least as big and beautiful as Rios landmark, but anyway.

This is how it really looks like a february evening on a walk in Trosa harbor.

Have a great day, everybody in your own…

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